August 28, 2015

Seminar Testimonies

Testimonies and Reviews

Transcona Seventh-day Adventist Church, Winnipeg, MB

March 19-20, 2016

1. General testimonies:
– Very good information.
– Informative (x2 times)..
– Excellent (x3 times).
– The seminar was good and I learned a lot.
– Useful. Easy to understand. Opens the mind to new ideas.
– I found the seminar very interesting.
– Everything very good.
– Excellent seminar. God’s timing is perfect.
– Interesting, of value to me. I enjoyed learning how banking system works.
– Excellent presentation. It covered questions I would ask but didn’t have to because you brought them out. Quite a bit of information – very informative, presented in laymen terms that I was able to catch on to.

2. What I enjoyed the most:
– The detailed information on Sunday regarding to the options to get higher ROI.
– Info about liabilities and assets.
– Networking on the internet.
– How I can let money work for me.
– Really good information.
– Opportunities on the Internet.
– I enjoyed about how to make money rather than spending more, like making investments.
– I enjoyed the part about getting an internet spot.
– I liked to have money to work for me. Never thought about it before. I want to try it.
– I liked info on banks. How to avoid these traps. And the internet info.
– I enjoyed the flow of information, interaction with audience; I liked how you related your information back to the Bible and God’s Word.
– The presentation was exciting, giving me an enthusiastic interest to look into these options.
– How to invest and how to get away from debt and much more… and how to make your money work for you.
– I don’t know what you could improve; you really explained everything very good.
– I think this seminar needs a little more of time.
– Nothing needs to be improved. Just more information – maybe more sessions.

It was excellent overall. I liked that it was two short sessions and to the point. I like the spiritual part in the beginning and the practical advice tailored to Adventist population. All the information was acceptable to Christian values. I’m pleased we invited you. I endorse your presentation. It was a joy to have you conduct the seminar. People enjoyed it and some members were speaking, even after you left, about how beneficial it was to them.
Pastor Elmer Manzanares.

Nipawin Seventh-day Adventist Church, Nipawin, SK

May 8-9, 2016

1. General testimonies:
– Informative. Makes you think.
– Loved this seminar! Biblical, but practical too.
– I wish I knew all of it before I opened my business.
– Amazing. Very eye opening, organized + informative, but very simple + down to earth + easy to understand. Enjoyed your sense of humor with the seminar. Found myself (from the spiritual aspect) starting with being sorry. Repenting was part of my u-turn in turning my finances around. Thank you!
– Good information! Very enlightening. Great synthesis of good financial information that agrees with Bible principles.
– Excellent seminar. God’s timing is perfect.I loved the seminar, it had started with the biblical principles and all the information was very informative and eye opening.
– No gimmicks. No multi-level marketing. Just wisdom gleaned from the Bible and the wealthy currently working for the presenter himself. I am anxious to begin applying these principles in my own life!

2. What I enjoyed the most:
– So well put together + organized! Also the sense of humor.
– Energetic! Good flow + timing of the information.
– I really thought the information about online opportunities was interesting to me.
– Excited about the possibilities.
– Getting to know that you can make money without doing 9-5 job all the time.

Pinehouse Drive, Saskatoon, SK

June 4-5, 2016

1. General testimonies:

  • Filled with information.
  • Content was good and deeper than normally expected. It was not too hard.
  • The seminar was very constructive.
  • I think this is a great seminar that is beneficial for every individual.
  • Much enjoyed your presentation, especially what’s trending in 2016.
  • I think it was good. I can relate and agree.
  • Blessed by the simplicity of the presentation.
  • It was very good and informative.
  • Clean slides, simple illustrations, great interactions, clear explanations.
  • Absolutely loved the seminar. It was very informative and definitely opened my eyes to a lot of things.
  • I find it very helpful and eye-opening. I never realized how much I did not know. I honestly thought I knew it all and that there wasn’t anything new you were going to teach me.
  • I wish my teen children had attended. Please, present this in the children’s division at camp at any time.
  • A wake-up call to what a regular everyday person can use to become independent!
  • The seminar was awesome. It was a reinforcement of some things the Lord has been impressing on me, this week, even this morning.
  • Very practical, best financial seminar I attended. Easy to understand info. Eye-opening info. Handout beautiful, perfect, a must keep reference layout, format very attractive. Excellent speaker, inspired – gifted presenter: – made financial info interesting, understandable. Synthesized a lot of complicated info into most interesting, memorable simple illustrations. Convicted to make changes. Superb slides-visuals.
  • I expected the seminar to be interesting based on your sermon and yesterday [presentation]. It even exceeded my high expectations. I first felt you were very generous in sharing this information with us. The seminar was excellent. I learned so much and feel hopeful about my financial future.
  • Excellent seminar.
  • Very informal and well done.
  • We don’t get to hear about how to manage our finances and how to become wealthy, so this was a great eye-opener for me!! This seminar should be presented to more people, especially younger people so we can start thinking about smart money habits in good timing.

2. What I enjoyed the most:

  • Investing your money on assets, not so much on liabilities.
  • You sought and accepted feedback from audience. The give and take kept participants alert.
  • I enjoyed to learn the habit of rich, how to be minimalist, kinds of investments.
  • Practical aspects and real life examples.
  • Information was very relative and helpful. Your research was so informative.
  • This is a lot the way I think and reinforces it.
  • Practicality for ALL levels.
  • I enjoyed the handouts.
  • Biblical humor.
  • I enjoyed the first part of the seminar.
  • I really enjoyed the last part on how to use the internet to make money.
  • Reduction of expenditure.
  • Revealing passive income + other sources of income to make one explore + search for self-success story.
  • Everything spoke to me, the mentor system, the internet business, etc. That the system is geared to keep us under slavery.
  • 1st half most universally useful to all.
  • I was excited to realize that one doesn’t need constantly generate new income but can have a system of reinvesting initial investment amounts. I also appreciated being reminded that debt must be reduced and it’s not what you make but what you don’t spend.
  • Liked insight into banking system.
  • I loved the idea that we all have something to offer to the world. Regardless of our skills or background, we can think of a creative way to create wealth.


Mount Andrews All Nations, Winnipeg, MB

August 21, 2016

  1. General opinion.
  • Great information for new immigrants.
  • Very informative for a beginner.
  • I think it was very educational and the hand out helped a lot. There was a lot of very useful information. I found it very inspiring.
  • Huge thank you for the seminar and for the time you sacrifice for other people. May God bless you and your family in your plans and in your work. I’m very thankful for information which usually is not taught in the schools.
  • I enjoyed the seminar the way it was played and explained.
  • Seminar was great. Worth it.
  • The seminar is very enlightening and educational. It made me aware of things that can be useful in becoming wealthy. I did not know that being wealthy is different from being rich. There is not much information about different assets or investments, just a general background (probably due to short time).
  • Very informative. It made me open my eyes on how to manage my finances well.
  • Very helpful and timely conducted. In these times when mass media advertises so many things which can make life exciting, it’s nice to be reminded to simplify things and to live a debt free life.
  • Excellent!
  • Nice presentation. It was just amazing. Very good materials and it is a good way to tell members of the church how to become wealthy as God tells us to be.
  • Thank you very much for all the information. You inspire us. Everything has been clearly explained.
  • Very informative. Very helpful. Enjoyed it. This is what I need and would attend again and again.
  • My general opinion about the seminar is that it opened my mind that there is a lot of opportunities wait for me if I follow what I’ve learned from this seminar.
  • It was so informative, up to date, factual, realistic.
  • Very interesting and informative.
  • Great ideas. Advance thinking. Forward thinking. Good that you bring it to the community.
  • Very enlightening and refreshing that God has the best plan for me… if only I worked it… I will now!
  • I think that you were very informative. Keep doing what you do. You’re awesome.
  • Very introspective, well presented, extremely beneficial.
  • It is a much needed seminar helpful in preventing people go into too much debt.
  • Enjoyed the seminar.
  • Very informative and well presented. Humorous and easy to listen to.
  • I really liked your seminar. It gave me some ideas. Thank you.
  • I think it was very informative. I am more enlightened about having your own business. I am a family person and really look forward to work in an environment where I have more time for my family. I am encouraged and motivated to pursue my dreams in a positive way. I am encouraged to work for myself.
  • Refreshing to the person faced with sleepless night. Good ideas to move forward in life.
  • Very informative session.
  1. One thing I liked.
  • First part of the lecture on habits of rich/poor.
  • Tips on how to reduce expenses to free up some cash to invest.
  • I really enjoyed looking at the different mindsets of different “classes” of people. I also enjoyed learning about investments and learning about the banking systems.
  • I really enjoyed the topic about minimalism and banking system.
  • I enjoyed the topic on investment.
  • I enjoyed the new information I learned.
  • I enjoyed audio-visual presentations – very much related to the topic being discussed.
  • I enjoyed a lot on how to make a good investment. Thank you very much!
  • The practical examples used in the seminar.
  • Everything! All Adventists need to know and attend your seminar. Thank you Stan.
  • I really enjoyed the part on investment. It is the first time I heard a pastor told about how church members can make and save money.
  • The one I really enjoyed is how to have passive income & the part “psychology of change.” You gave me the driving force as I am going to continue different career path studies, where I can do what I love more & make business out of it.
  • Enjoyed all contents. Thank you!
  • One thing that I really enjoyed about the seminar is that in investment aspect and assets.
  • Enjoyed knowing possible income sources that I can go to without enough capital.
  • I like the handouts that you can take home.
  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.
  • Really enjoyed: resources, the use of technology, knowledge of modern ways (apps, eBooks, etc).
  • I enjoyed the real life experiences that you shared. Very inspiring!
  • I enjoyed explanation on how money works with the banks and how to keep positive in life.
  • Enjoyed: the encouraged participation makes the experience more of a workshop than a typical seminar; resulting in different examples/perspectives.
  • Enjoyed: How poor and rich people think – this was an eye opener for me.
  • How you clarified how the rich get rich.
  • The spiritual aspect – especially the reference to Schindler’s list because really it is not all about me and my money – it is God’s money. It is to be used to further His kingdom and to help others.
  • Info on banks.
  • I enjoyed the speaker’s personal experiences.
  • I love the practical examples presented. The ideas were clear and concise. Lots of new information was presented which grabbed my attention and released a new focus on how to handle my income.

Yorkton, SK

September 24-25, 2016

  1. General:
  • Very informative. Speaker knows what he’s talking about.
  • It was good overall. A little overwhelming, but good info. Well laid out.
  • Well laid out. Examples for explanation well done. Very well presented.
  • Very interesting. Helpful. Eye-opening. It gives the average-middle income family/individual renewed hope for their future. Appreciated the spiritual foundation @ the onset.
  • Very well developed, with lots of great tips and insights.
  • I really enjoyed the seminar. Very good information.
  • Very interesting seminar! I am 60 years old and never heard these principles before! Everything I learned is invaluable and realistic for today’s life. I wished I had learned this many years ago.
  • The seminar was great and very informative.
  • Very practical and good money wise ways seminar management.
  • The seminar was very informative and will definitely bring about a change in my financial lifestyle. The presentations were well delivered.
  • This seminar is very informative. Knowledgeable for all.
  • The seminar was very educational and I loved the detail that everything was explained in.
  • Great seminar.
  • Informative, easy to understand, goals are attainable.
  • I wish I have heard this program long ago.
  • Informative an so helpful for people who don’t have any idea on how to start/where to start in order to reach financial freedom.
  • Excellent overviews of important financial concepts.
  1. What I enjoyed the most:
  • Good illustrations.
  • I was here for the second half and the info on the banks and how they work was very interesting.
  • Overall definition explanation.
  • The handout booklet + corresponding power point slides very helpful.
  • I enjoyed the practicality of it. Lots of good examples.
  • The emphasis on the bible texts.
  • Appreciated emphasis on getting spending under control.
  • I really enjoyed “the daily habit of wealthy people.”
  • The information and resources given on app development was great.
  • The speaker was great!
  • I enjoyed the speaker’s true experience and example.
  • I enjoyed the personal testimonies as it relates to the financial aspect.
  • I enjoy how you can manage your time and wealth at the same time.
  • One thing that I really enjoyed was the Daily Habits of Wealthy People.
  • How you explained about rental houses. I have 5 properties and am enjoying the profit (a little broke) but will be selling 2 of them soon.
  • I enjoyed that you were able to show your own experiences. It only shows that ordinary people can do it and excel if they only knew what they needed to be done.
  • Really enjoyed: so lovely!
  • Enjoyed: Receiving advice from someone who has no expectation of financial reward for giving that advice.